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“That’s why!” Hong Dali chuckled, his face serene. “You must use a luminous cup to drink this wine! Once the wine is in the luminous cup, its color becomes more like fresh blood. Drinking the wine will be like drinking blood. As the saying goes, aspire to eat your enemies, laugh and chat while drinking the blood of the Zerg. That’s style, that’s ambition!”


“Qianxue.” Jiang Duxing looked at the big screen and softly sighed. He patted Jiang Qianxue’s shoulder and said in a deep voice, “Stop looking, come with me for a while.”


This was an expert who had passed level twenty-two of the Tower of Trials and an orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. Although they had not fought, he must be quite capable to dare to speak like thatafter all, skills were easy to recognize. Once he started to fight, people would know if he was really capable. If he boosted his abilities here, he would get beaten up to a pulp.


Mum, dont worry. I I know what to do. Li Nianwei bit her lip softly and her eyes were a little red. She had been following Hong Dali for such a long time, although she acted the role of a big sister, but how could she not understand what Hong Dali thought?


“Judging from his body shape, he doesn’t look like someone skilled in combat. In my opinion, he probably got lucky and obtained some special ability.”


Gulp! Brahman gulped. It was tiring to even talk. Respected guests, do you intend to put these pieces of equipment up for auction After appraising everything, there was a total of fifty-three pieces of equipment with more than +10 attribute gems, seventy-three Strength gems, fifty-four Agility gems, thirty-two Reflexes gems. Such numbers were surely enough to make everyones jaws drop.

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After he was done talking about the grape wine, Hong Dali started spouting nonsense again. He grabbed a bottle of wine at random. At first glance, the color was golden, and the name of the wine was called Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine. He immediately said, “To drink this Fragrant Pomegranate Bloom wine, we have to use a jade cup. As the saying goes, a jade bowl holds amber light. If we use a jade cup or a jade bowl, it will add color to the wine.”


Just the area was a few hundred square meters. The hall was as big as the Great Hall of the People on Earth, with an extremely large ring of seats. The seats in front were lower and the seats behind were higher. This was so everyone could see the items easily.


One round after another. It was hard not to find such competitions exciting!


The debris surrounding the stone fell off in layers and soon the attribute stone inside could be seen—Strength +9.


Hmm. Dali? Tianyi thought about it then said to himself, Double Honorary Aristocrat? That means he is well-versed in battle and in business. Golden cloak that means he is a double orange-level Honorary Aristocrat. This is what he has set up? A business that loses money? Could he be a string-puller? Thats possible.


Mister Gate’s eyes positively shone. “Wahahahaha! Good! Let me see what you got!”


But no matter how much money he has, it will not last if he spends it like that. Jiang Qianxue cried softly. We really dont need to stop him?



I dont think it matters. The young man pouted. We are not in need of this bit of money. All right, lets set off quickly. Pops is missing again. I heard that he was last seen here in Shenluo Main City. Lets find him first.



There are so many people? The great Mister Gate looked at the crowd and opened the shop door indifferently. Are all of you intending to buy the armor?


This was where there was a problemin the past Li Yang would have a problem dealing with the two guards, but it was previously mentioned that Hong Dalis plan was simple and brutally effective. They were simply going to pile on attributes. They were rich. Although their mastery of martial arts was not as advanced, they had the money and they would just pile on their attributes with gems until they were able to squash you!


“Hehe, not bad.” Tang Muxin smiled and said, “Sister Nianwei and I both got past level 18. Lucifer got past level 19, and Brother Levis got past level 20. Aren’t we impressive?”

  • Do you see this shop? Mister Gate pointed at the weapons shop. This weapon has three attribute gems embedded in it. Two Strength +9, one Reflexes +8. My son actually said to sell this for one thousand Galaxy Dollars. If hes not a prodigal, what is he?
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